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About Telmoco Development Labs
A private limited company initiated with support of Govt of India - Department of Science and Technology, Govt of Kerala and Technopark - TBI.

Telmoco's products are made to serve the dynamic requirements of the population, highly competitive in all aspects. The specifications for each product are designed aesthetic and ergonomic with assured quality. The USPs varies with products and the target market sectors. USPs we claim could be Competitive pricing, high end specifications, customized pre-installed applications, quality assured accessories or even peripherals, accompanied with e-store facility, home delivery and after sales support. The most advanced technologies are incorporated in the high end models whereas the lower models would suffice the requirements of the other half. We make sure that every stratum has a reach for our products.
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Please contact at e-mail :

Canada Office : Toronto, Canada Ph: +1 226 780 5388

USA Office: New York, USA Ph.: +1 315 359 6735

Regional Sales Office : Kochi, India Ph: +91 0484 400032

Corporate Office : Trivandrum, India Ph: +91 0471 6090999